Our Services

  • Japanese Language Course
  • Intensive Japanese Language Course.
  • Japanese Language Long-term Course.
  • Standard Japanese Language and Private Japanese Language Course
  • Exam Preparation Course
  • Counseling and Processing
  • Language School, College, and the city of your choice

Yuki Japanese Language School offers a wide range of classes that fits best for all migration purposes to Japan. With professional language teachers and use of the latest audio/video technology, the institution provides reliable language training and VISA documentation. In addition, we also teach the Nepali language for all foreign natives.

1. Japanese Language Class
This special language class adapts to your personal schedule and ensures that you do not miss any class. Our professional language teacher knows exactly how, why and when relating all Japanese language training.

2. VISA Process For Students
A decent consultancy always knows the best requirements for VISA success. Our decades of past experiences warrant your achievement that usually depends on your efforts and your state of affairs as well.

3. Language Translation
Fluency in Nepali is always not enough. Nepali to Japanese and English to Japanese Translation is the only best solution.

4. Nepali Language for All Foreign Natives
And also sometimes, Fluency in any foreign language only is not enough. We also provide Nepali language classes for all foreign natives.