Visa Process

VISA Process for Students
As already mentioned as our service, our decades of past experiences are reliable for a succession of your VISA. This phenomenon also usually depends on your efforts and your state of affairs.

Minimum Qualification
> Intermediate Level of Education
> Below 26 Years of Age

Documents Required

Documents From The Applicants
> All-Academic Certificates and Transcripts
> Original Citizenship, Its Photocopy, and Its Language Translation
> Original Passport
> Recommended Letters from Past Campus, College, High School or Workplace
> Certificates That Dictates Academic Gaps of the Student
> Other Documents Upon Requirement

Documents From The Sponsor
> Bank Balance Documents with Statement for 3 Years in a Row
> Annual Income Documents for 3 Years in a Row
> Letter of Experience from the Past Workplace
> Company Registration Documents [If Your Sponsor Runs the Company]
> Documents of Property Valuation
> Tax Clearance Documents for 3 Years in a Row
> Documents Dictating the Relationship Between You and Your Sponsor
> Letter From Your Sponsor