Why Us

Established in 2015 in Sorehkutte, YJLS (Yuki Japanese Language Schoo) walked with the aim of facilitating the student who wants to go to JAPAN for their further study and make their career out of it. Currently, YJLS is located in Sorakhutte, Kathmandu, Nepal. And Today, every student positively share about  YJLS story to their friends, colleagues and family members. And this is what  YJLS has earned in past 4 years. YJLS is here not only for providing the counseling and providing the support for getting VISA to the students, but rather  YJLS is also known for providing friendly behaviors, making feel them  YJLS like their home, taking care physically and mentally too.
 YJLS doesn’t stop its caring behavior, even after the students are boarded to JAPAN and frequently keep following their traces on what they are doing, are they having any difficulties in living and flooding in JAPAN, or in Schools or in Language and so on. So,  YJLS is very much concerned about their physical, mental and financial status in JAPAN. Hence, students have also placed us in one of the respective statuses as a “Family” in their life.
 YJLS believes that going to JAPAN only is not a big thing, but after going to JAPAN, socializing with their culture, and being as a part of the JAPANESE environment is what matters a lot. So, before going to JAPAN, students must learn about JAPAN, how to cope with the JAPANESE environment, and must be fluent with JAPANESE Language. And this is the Key Success factor for making a way to JAPAN.  Last, We are very thankful to my  YJLS Team members for supporting me in each and every moment, our loving students, good wishers, Japanese Schools and all the other stakeholders. Thank You…